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LibreCheck is Free and Open Source software for logging people in places like day cares and sunday school at churches. It will be flexible enough to be used for many different situations. The fact that it is free software means that you may change the code to make it work the way you want it to.

LibreCheck’s main technical goals are reliability, simplicity, and flexibility. Other software is complicated in design, which often leads to many bugs and general instability. They also generally set to work in certain settings, and since they are often proprietary, are not easily extensible to work in different situations. LibreCheck also is meant to be simple to use for the end user. It will be easy to install, easy to start, and easy to run.

The main developer plans to finish a basic functional alpha version by the end of 2018. A more complete beta version will be developed in the following months. After a stable and complete enough beta is ready, it will be tested in production for a while and improved before the final 1.0 version is released.

This website is not the perminant one. It will be moved to soon.

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